Geoff Rudesill

Country Manager, US



"... the variety of different projects"

I have been fortunate to work for Westrup since 1985 because of an excellent group of customers and colleagues. It has been interesting working for Westrup to see the changes in the industries we serve and talking with customers to solve problems and partner with them to improve their conditioning and process lines.

Another nice part of the job is the variety of different projects and applications but with the common thread of working with customers to improve operations with Westrup equipment. Our best resource is the people at Westrup. The road is sometimes winding, but we stay with our customers and face the challenges together.


Helge Larsen

Screen manufacturer



"... a very good and open atmosphere"

I have worked for Westrup a number of years; I have been in several departments, but I am now working with screen production, which is a very interesting job requiring a lot of craftsmanship.

Before coming to Westrup I had many times heard about the company as being a very good place to work; and I have not been disappointed. There is an open atmosphere across the departments and I can always go to the production manager or the sales department with my ideas for improving the products or work processes.


Kim Kristensen




"... not 2 days are the same"

When I started working for Westrup back in 1983 it was actually a coincidence. I did not know very much about Westrup but one day I met a friend, who told me about a vacancy in the carpentry department, so I took the chance of applying. And I have been here ever since.

I very much treasure the independent and varying job and not 2 days are the same; it is always an exciting challenge to solve the task in hand and very satisfying to see that the sieveboat or gravity separator deck can be fitted into the machine without any problem.


Leif Goldbeck

Product Specialist

 "... all inquiries are unique"

Even after more than 35 years at Westrup I still treasure my work very much; there are constantly new challenges and new market requirements to take into consideration. The world is in constant change and so is the demand for agricultural equipment, new solutions, new specifications and higher product quality.

All inquiries are unique and there are seldomly “off-the-shelf” solutions - this is where customisation, project design and a close contact with the customer to solve his specific requirement come in focus. I especially treasure the close and very often long-term relations with customers all over the world, which makes my job very rewarding.