When designing projects, we work with you and provide the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. With you, we pinpoint what is essential and incorporate that into the final solution.

Our 60 years in the industry has made us aware of the challenges you are facing. To ensure a reliable and stable solution, we make sure to integrate your specific requirements, the local conditions and industry’s best practices with our experience, knowledge and resources.

We offer services ranging from pre-engineering to full project responsibility integrating all partners in the process and anything from small size upgrades to full turnkey plants. Our project management team ensures that the project stays on track and is delivered on time, on budget and according to agreed specifications.

We believe that your success is important for ours and therefore our solutions are designed for you, with you.



Whether you are to build a new production line or want to optimise existing processes, Westrup can contribute with many years of practical experience and industry knowledge to create a unique solution for you.

We provide guidance on process design and layout for new plants to help you achieve the optimum quality, highest capacity and greatest return on investment. Also, we help you optimise existing processes to improve productivity and profitability with the best possible integration of your production resources.

Our consulting services range from a brief conference call to full-scale consultancy agreements renting out our specialists working as your personal consultants for an agreed period of time.



Our pre-engineering services include development of project specific design and drawings of the process flow and plant layout; from optimising flow sheets to making complete budgets. Drawings are made as traditional 2D drawings or as 3D models enabling the project team to take a virtual tour in the plant, allowing changes to take place in the computer model during the design phase.

To ensure full equipment compliance and maximum utilisation of resources, the pre-engineering phase also includes selection of equipment, system integration, and coordination between suppliers, architects, and other stakeholders.

The pre-engineering phase ensures an overview of the time schedule, the budget, and that you get the best technical solutions to fulfil your needs before starting the project.

Depending on the type and size of your project, we assign a dedicated project leader and a team with senior specialists to offer you competent advice and optimum solutions for sustainable success.

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We provide a dedicated project manager to coordinate all internal and external activities through the entirety of the project. The project manager remains your main contact throughout the project period.

To ensure project implementation running on time, the project manager provides a detailed project plan highlighting the individual phases and milestones, delivery schedules and plans for installation and commissioning.

The project manager submits reports containing information regarding cost and quality control, change management etc. to ensure that all targets and expectations are fulfilled.

Our professional project management guarantees full customer satisfaction, delivering projects on time, on budget and according to agreed specifications.

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We offer installation and commissioning ranging from single machines to full site management of complete plants taking all suppliers under our supervision.

Depending on the size of the project, the installation may vary between a few days to several months. On larger projects, a senior site manager coordinates the daily work on site and monitors the deliveries from all suppliers and subcontractors in accordance to the project schedule.

The site manager works in close co-operation with our project manager as detailed planning and site organisation is essential to ensure a cost and time effective installation period without delays.

As part of the training in operating the system, you, as the end users, are often invited to follow our team during the installation period.

If we are assigned full project responsibility, our professional team of skilled supervisors and service engineers will be on site from the time where the first equipment arrives until we can hand over the “key” to a fully operational plant.

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To ensure maximum utilisation of your equipment, we recommend that a project scope includes dedicated training at our test centre followed up by practical on-site training after commissioning.

We also allow your staff to participate during the installation and commissioning phases, learning from our engineers and to get hands on experience. By improving the skills of your employees, future production stoppages will be reduced, and the efficiency of your operation increased.