Genuine Westrup parts will give optimum performance and durability of your cleaning equipment, securing maximum capacity and low maintenance costs.

Our first quality spare parts are the only parts that fully meet the requirements essential for a cost-effective operation of your Westrup machine.

Genuine spare parts will ensure:

Original quality
Extended lifespan
Reduced downtime

Our distribution network has a wide range of spare parts available for immediate dispatch. Genuine Westrup parts make the difference.





We offer a wide range of customised service solutions backed up by our team of highly qualified service engineers.

Signing a service contract with us gives you a scheduled and preventive maintenance programme reducing downtime and optimising machine and plant performance. Regular service check-ups help you avoid costly breakdowns and assure a continuous and trouble-free production.

The service contract can be signed either as a fixed price agreement or based on the time spent at the specific service job. The choice of service contract may depend on the type of equipment or any demands from you on maintenance and quality assurance.

Our customised service solutions guarantee optimum performance and a longer lifespan of your machinery.

When a “Take over Certificate” has been signed, the responsibility of running the plant is in your hands.

Internally at Westrup, we make a hand over from our project department to our service department offering continuous day-to-day service, spare part packages and yearly maintenance programmes. An extensive knowledge of operation and maintenance enables us to deliver the best after sales service available.