A transnational partnership

The industry for seed and grain machinery is competitive, and lasting alliances and partnerships are hard to come by. 

Satake and Westrup recently entered into a formal strategic partnership agreement, however, our partnership has existed for many years, which is what makes it stand out. It all began years ago when Satake approached Westrup with the possibility of a collaboration, when Satake’s former partner moved on. 

Since then, we have both benefitted from our partnership. Satake and Westrup have increased sales, expanded our lists of clients and experienced a surge in new business opportunities. The formalised partnership agreement is setting the stage for further collaboration, as it entails an increase in cooperation on sales, engineering and training of employees. Both Satake and Westrup are looking forward to seeing what this newly formalised partnership will bring and taking into account the advantages we have already experienced, it looks promising. 

For you, the partnership gives access to the complete package in regard to equipment, service and not least experience and knowledge. With Satake’s and Westrup’s partnership we are able to offer complete equipment and project packages, and with a combined experience of a 181 years, we are sure that the experience and knowledge we possess will be beneficial to your business. 

We are looking forward to providing you with the solutions and knowledge you need to succeed in your industry in the years to come. 

Martin Bastrup Bruun