The 1st of February we could celebrate our 60th anniversary – a festive occasion, which we chose to enjoy with our colleagues from around the world. More than 14 nationalities were gathered in Denmark, which made for some interesting and fun days.

Leading up to this milestone, we reflected on what we have achieved over the years – our ups and downs, the good and the not so good. For many years, our organisational focus has evolved around our wide range of machines and creating customised solutions for you. But is that enough moving forward?

The past year we have been discussing how we best support your business and your goals. What makes us a relevant player in the industry? What makes us stand out? To answer these questions, we have had to take a long hard look at ourselves and our organisation. The outcome of this was a realignment of the Westrup brand.


As in our early days, you are in focus. We know you are faced with a lot of challenges and demands, and to overcome these, we are ready to guide you towards the solution that is right for your needs! With our knowledge, experience and resourcefulness, we can support you and your business.  

We are always ready to help you reach your goals! And as a start, we have updated our visual identity, so you are invited in. A whole new has been launched – one which we describe as clean and bold. With this change it will be easier for you to find essential information on your possibilities with us.

Our presence online will also be more visible going forward, and you can now find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We invite you to join us there to get the latest news.



To provide the right solution for you, we are developing new features and equipment. From brainstorming sessions, to an idea catalogue, to the final master plan of what to create, our New Product Development team has been working hard, and will soon be ready to release their first new feature – the Navigator 4.0 system. With this system, you will be able to increase your seed and grain quality, run an unmanned operation and reduce the running-in period.

In the months to come a lot of exciting news and new solutions will be shared. Solutions that will add value to your business. With this realignment we will be ready to equip you for change – that’s a promise!



Martin Bastrup Bruun