A day of celebration

The 1st of February marked a special day in the history of our organisation. It was 60 years to the day that the two brothers – Knud and Troels, first established Westrup in an old garage. Since then, a lot has happened, but our goals remain the same.

From our very beginning our focus has always been on providing you with the knowledge and equipment you need. Inventing, developing and building machines continues to be a high priority alongside keeping you informed on the latest developments, which might affect your business. 
Based on 60 years of experience, we know that a seed is not just a seed – every field, every crop and every customer is unique, and require their own specific combination of equipment and services. In a complex business climate as yours, stability is key to sustainable success. For that reason, our New Product Development department has been working around the clock to create new valuable solutions for you. Also, our Sales, Service and Project Departments continue to work hard to ensure that they can provide the stability you need to run your business. 

We look forward to share a lot of exiting news with you in the months to come. And for now, we will continue to celebrate our 60th anniversary with all our colleagues from around the world. 

Martin Bastrup Bruun