Westrup Germany News

The industry for seed and grain machinery is competitive and you as customers are faced with many choices. We understand the challenges you are met by and know that you are looking for the best equipment that will ensure your operational stability. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and solutions you need to run your business the way
you envision and be the reliable partner you are searching for.

For years, colour sorting has been an integrated part of many processing lines designed and supplied by Westrup. For this reason, we are pleased to announce that Westrup and the Satake Corporation of Japan has entered into a formal partnership agreement. This agreement means that Westrup has taken over all sale and service for the Satake colour sorters and de-stoners on a number of markets, among these the Swedish and
Danish markets, as well as the German speaking area.

To ensure a simple and transparent coverage of Germany, Westrup has decided to use the new agreement with Satake as an opportunity to simplify our market presence. This means that from 21.03.2018 Westrup will not use distributors in the German market and
our German office will therefore supply all projects, single machines, spare parts and service directly to you.

Winning the Luxemburger Saatgut Union project in 2017 was a testament to the change in our strategy and with this change, we are certain that we can provide the support you need to make the right decisions.

In February 2018 we celebrated our 60th anniversary. Since our very beginning, we have focused on inventing, developing and building machines with your requirements in mind. It is an ongoing process that we are always working on, and the past year has
been no different. Our New Product Development department has been working around the clock and just recently released a new product line – the Navigator 4.0 with an adaptive aspiration control system. With this system, you are able to improve your
aspiration stability up to 15 times, and thereby increase your product quality and decrease the amount of good product wasted.

In the time to come, they will continue to create and release new valuable solutions for you – solutions that will assist you and your business. We are looking forward to sharing our very interesting product news with you in the year of our 60th anniversary.

Nisha Ørsted Johansen