Are Machines Enough?

3 steps towards running a successful operation

Flexibility is the key to operational stability. Being able to adapt to your situation at hand, will allow you to run a successful operation. But how do you achieve the amount of flexibility required to do so?

Running a successful operation does not only depend on the machines in your plant

That is why we offer more than just machines. Knowing how your product reacts when conditioned is necessary to run your business efficiently. For this reason, we offer to test your seed or grain in our fully equipped test center. Understanding your crop is therefore the first step towards running a successful operation.

“Every seed and grain vary. That is why we judge each customer’s requirements individually to come up with the right solution for their crop. Our solutions are not always what our customers think they need” says Jan Straby, Senior Sales Support.

Our experience and knowledge of designing conditioning lines for different types of crops goes into finding the exact solution for you.

We know that a seed is not just a seed, and a grain not simply a grain

Yet, understanding your seed or grain is not enough. Your crop is subject to different conditions each year and for that reason you need to be able to adjust your machines accordingly. So, the
second step towards running a successful operation is understanding your machines and how to run them.

To set up your machine, you need to be aware of three important factors:

• You need to understand how your product reacts when processed. This may change from year to year.
• You need to know how to make the fine adjustments on your machines.
• You need to consider your business objectives – what do you want to achieve?
Evaluating the state of your crop and machines as you go will enable you to make the required adjustments to keep your operation going. To do that, you need to know what to look for. Our goal is to provide the information and support you need to make the right choices.

Providing valueable solutions

Keeping up with the newest technology can be difficult and deciding what is useful is a challenge. However, the third step towards running a successful operation is taking advantage of new developments.

“In New Product Development we focus on True Customer Value – strong value propositions that help our customers grow their economic, social, and environmental bottom lines. New technology is developed with you in mind and tested in cooperation with our customers” says Frederik Dynesen, Head of New Product Development.

Our latest product release – the Navigator 4.0, is  proven to increase the aspiration stability in our Air Screen Cleaners up to 15 times, allowing you to reduce the amount of good product in the waste. The system adjusts itself to maintain a constant air velocity in the product sorting zones, this increases the flexibility of your operators, since they do not have to manually re-adjust the machine. With this new technology, you will be ready to meet the demands of our evolving industry!




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Nisha Ørsted Johansen