What’s ahead for Westrup in 2019? And one last look at 2018

From our 60th anniversary February 1st

From our 60th anniversary February 1st


It is the start of 2019 and time to review 2018 – look at the good, the not-so-good, consider what to continue with and where we can improve. Looking back at 2018, I can see many events that helped shape Westrup and prepare us for both the near and distant future.

Among these, our meetings with you – our customers and business partners. 2018 was also the year Westrup turned 60 years and a realigned brand and new visual identity helped us focus on what is important. Our New Product Development Department released ground-breaking products, which we are certain will shape the future of the seed conditioning and grain processing industry, but more about that later.


First things first – we would not exist without you ~ our customers and business partners. Meeting you at our offices, at exhibitions and at your place of work is what drives us to develop and deliver solutions that are valuable for you. Each year is different from the last – new technology is released, weather conditions change and new challenges keep emerging. Our conversations with you and the tours we take of your facilities give us a better understanding of your business and drive us to keep evolving. This way we are certain we can continue to support you in overcoming your challenges.

So, whether we meet at trade shows, at your offices or over a cup of coffee somewhere around the world, I and the rest of the Westrup team are looking forward to many more one-on-one interactions with you in 2019.


February 1st, 2018, we could celebrate our 60th anniversary. On that day, 60 years ago Knud and Troels Westrup – two brothers, decided to found Westrup. Back then, machines were designed and built around the goals and needs of our customers combined with the latest developments and technological advancements in the industry. Till this day, the same philosophy is used in Westrup. We believe that flexibility is the key to stability and by using our curiosity, extensive knowledge and vast experience of designing many and different types of solutions, we know we can deliver the exact solution that is required for you to run a stable and profitable operation.


Our ambition to create valuable and stable solutions also led to another milestone. In March 2018 we released the first of many new products which we believe will shape the future of the seed conditioning and grain processing industry. More and more industrial machinery is becoming automated and our contribution – the Navigator 4.0 and the Adaptive Aspiration Control system, allows you to have full control and transparency of your cleaning process and aspiration system – who wouldn’t want that?

Westrup’s New Product Development Department is working hard to get the next products ready for release and I am looking forward to being able to share this news with you in the months to come.


Many initiatives were set in motion towards the end of 2018 which you will feel the effects of in 2019 and onwards. I hired Bo Borne Jørgensen as our Sales Director. Bo has taken on the Danish, German and French sales offices with a focus on preparing our sales managers to meet you in the best possible way. With a background in sales, procurement and operation, I am certain that he with his experience will provide the necessary guidance our sales offices need to support your business goals.

We expanded our service team with two new service technicians – Jonathan Brick in France and Stephan Lunzner for the German speaking area. 2018 was also the year we secured a service technician for North America and of course we continue to offer support from the main office. With this brand-new service team, you are able to get the help you need with short notice to maintain operational stability.


Lastly, I want to acknowledge the hard-working employees of Westrup. Their ambition and relentlessness to come up with the best solutions to empower you to meet the demands of your business. Their support for one another across the entire organisation will ensure that 2019 will be another great year for the Westrup team.

I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2019.

Best wishes,
Anders Thorsted, CEO

Nisha Ørsted Johansen