Where Are We Heading?

With constant changes and new developments in seed and grain processing, where is the industry heading?


For more than 60 years Westrup has followed the developments in the industry closely and contributed our solutions to ensure that processing and conditioning plants could keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

We have seen the improvements in genetics, the increasement in yields and the boom of new types of seed put a strain on most processing plants ability to adapt to keep up with market demand.

With each new demand, we have always been able to create the right solution. A wider range of equipment was developed to support customers with different capacity and processing needs. Till this day, we can provide the solution you require to run a stable and profitable operation.


What should be the focus now? Most companies offering seed conditioning and grain processing equipment have a wide range of machines. So how do you as the end user decide what company to choose?

Having followed the industry developments closely, we know that we need to be able to provide more than just equipment. Your business environment changes constantly, so we do our best to foresee the challenges you might face and provide the solutions for you to overcome them. This way, you will be able to meet your future head-on.

Here are three areas where we have set in to give you a one-up on your competitors:

TEST CENTERS: In our in-house test centers you can get your grain or seed tested. This is an important step towards achieving the results you are after. By running a sample of your product on our small-scale machines, we are able to provide you with a detailed test report stating the machine combination and machine settings that allow you to achieve the best processing results.

SERVICE: When choosing preventive maintenance, we give your plant a complete check-up. Repairs will be taken care of instantly to ready your plant for the upcoming season. Emergency service is also available in case of breakdowns. We aim to provide process stability in your operation.

AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS: We spend a lot of time developing new solutions to meet what we believe will be the future requirements for the seed conditioning and grain processing industry.

We anticipate that the focus of both farmers and processing facilities is moving towards improving the quality of the prime product. And with new seeds being developed constantly, the facilities need to be up to date on how to handle the machines and the incoming product to the tiniest detail. Extracting every seed and grain and minimizing the amount of prime product found in the waste is therefore a high priority for many processing plants as this will set them apart from competitors.

Automation systems allow you to take full control of each single process in your plant, provide critical data and KPI’s that will bring your processing equipment to the next level. We believe automation systems will be the next big change in seed and grain processing equipment.

With these three services, you are certain to be able to run a successful operation.