ISF World Seed Congress 2018

Once again, we are taking part in the ISF World Seed Congress, which this year it takes place in Brisbane, Australia from 3-6 June.

Attending from Westrup is Michael Piil, General Sales Manager, and Anders Thorsted, our CEO, who will be ready to guide you towards finding the exact solution you need for your business.

We have years of experience in designing machine configurations for different types of crops and therefore know what information you need to make a qualified decision. Our wide range of equipment makes it possible for us to construct the solution that will give you the best results.

Stop by Booth no. 606 on the Mezzanine Level to hear about your options. 

At our booth, you will also be able to test the Navigator 4.0 control system. With this system you will have easy access to machine settings, recipe management and the possibility of monitoring and evaluating your machines.

In addition to the Navigator 4.0, we are presenting the Adaptive Aspiration Control system which is an add-on kit for the Navigator 4.0 system. With the Adaptive Aspiration Control system, you are able to maintain a constant air velocity in the product sorting zones of our Air Screen Cleaners.
The air speed re-adjusts itself automatically when product throughflow changes, which means that less of the good product ends up in the waste.

Our goal is to add value to your business, and therefore we create new technology with you in mind!



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