Supporting Your Operational Stability

Navigator 4.0 with the Adaptive Aspiration Control system.

In the everchanging seed and grain industry, keeping up with new developments can be difficult. What will benefit your operation? And how will it improve your business?

When developing new technology, Westrup always keeps your business in mind. Creating
valuable solutions, which support your operation is our goal, and for that reason we have developed the Navigator 4.0 and the Adaptive Aspiration Control (AAC). With this new solution, you will be able to increase your productivity in more than one way: 

  • The AAC system allows you to maintain a constant air velocity in the product sorting zones - this without your intervention.

  • The AAC system automatically adjusts itself when product throughflow changes. This decreases the amount and size of the fluctuations in your Air Screen Cleaner.

  • The AAC system increases your overall aspiration stability up to 15 times.

And how are we sure of this? We have tested the Navigator 4.0 and Adaptive Aspiration Control system in cooperation with our customers. The results in their processing plants show us that due to fewer fluctuations, less of the good product is found in the waste – increasing their cleaning process yield by 0.3-1%.

“Apart from the obvious benefit of preventing good seed from ending up in the waste, the
Adaptive Aspiration Control also takes some of the ‘art’ out of seed cleaning, making the seed cleaning process more accessible to process operators regardless of their experience – you no longer need to be a seedsman with 25 years of experience”– Frederik Dynesen, Head of New Product Development. 

Operational stability requires flexibility
The Adaptive Aspiration Control enables you to run an unmanned operation as the settings in the system ensure that the air velocity stays stable. Your operators’ flexibility therefore increases, as they do not have to manually readjust your machines when product throughflow changes. 

Overall, the Navigator 4.0 and the Adaptive Aspiration Control shorten the running-in period from start-up to full operation, which reduces a lot of the unproductive time you would normally encounter until you reach a stable process. 

Intelligent Screen Management
Our next product release also creates added value for your operation. Production facilities that process a lot of different product types, often have to change between many screens segments. Using the wrong screen by mistake can be a costly affair. 

With the Intelligent Screen Management system your operators will be able to verify that every screen is correct and installed in the right position in the sieveboat. The system links your screens to a predefined recipe, which allows the Intelligent Screen Management to identify if the right screens have been used. This will ensure a secure and swift screen change allowing your operation to proceed quickly, without the risk of re-cleaning or the risk of dumping most of your
good product in the waste. 


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